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How did I miss this?

This may just be our Christmas photo.

This may be the closest that he gets. 

A sex scandal may have prompted David Petraeus to resign from running the CIA last Friday, but the new Call of Duty predicts that he’s got a really bright future. The new first-person shooter features the former general as the Secretary of Defense in the year 2025, serving loyally to a female President who looks a whole lot like Hillary Clinton.

Read more about his appearance in the new Call of Duty game here.

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Fuck this election. We’re looking toward the future. Clinton/Booker 2016. Hillary for prez; she holds it down on a global level. Cory Booker for veep; he’ll save your grandma from a burning house and then invite you over to chill, while quoting Frederick Douglass. America needs this now more than ever: Something amazing to look forward to. Look at that image by the incomparable Jim Cooke. Don’t you feel better already? Clinton/Booker 2016. Pass it on. 



Here’s a production still from the new Hunger Games movie. Kidding! Totally kidding: this is what the (second block of a six-block) line for one of the three Brooklyn - Manhattan shuttle buses looked like, as of about an hour ago. If you’re not walking to work today you’re probably not getting in. [photo by Virginia Laird]

This is why I’m staying put. 


Much-needed disaster relief from the feline community.

(Image by our own Jim Cooke, who is awesome.)

Meow meow meow meow. 


Unlike Dogshaming, the offending companion animals featured in CatShaming appear proud of what jerks they are. 

And make no mistake: cats are total assholes. 

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Please click through to see some pretty devastating images from the aftermath of Sandy on Fire Island. The page is being updated fairly regularly with footage and photos.  

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